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Change Management Consulting

Customised approach to delivering change outcomes

All change needs to be proactively managed to realise their desired outcomes.

Tiffany Cheong is a Change Management and Organisational Development professional and practitioner with more than 15 years of experience in leading change and transformation in travel, telecommunications and insurance industries across Asia Pacific.


She has led changes at the intersection of business and people, including changes to strategic business operating models, people, culture, organisation structures, business processes, systems and technology.  See testimonials from clients here.


To help clients build capabilities to thrive during change, Tiffany blends the PROSCI change management methodology with complementary frameworks from Organisational Development, project management, Strengths Profile and coaching.

Academically qualified with an MBA from University of Adelaide and is a certified Change Management Professional (CCMP ™) and in PROSCI ® ADKAR change management methodology.

You can see see more of my credentials here.

Find out more on how Change Management Consulting can be valuable to support you on your organisational change and transformation journey?  Schedule a free, no-obligation 30 minutes call with us to find out more.

What is Change Management

"Change Management is the application of a structured process and a set of tools for leading the people side of change to achieve a desired outcome."


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Knows her stuff in designing better organisations and processes"
SVP, Head of Distribution Excellence, Financial Services

CM Testimonial

Our Consulting Experience

Below are some of the change management and transformation initiatives we had

successfully implemented :

Organisational Transformation

Change Management


  • Corporate strategy formulation and execution

  • Organisation structure redesign

  • Design and implement Target Operating Model (TOM) changes

  • Organisational Capabilities Assessment

  • Strategic Business Case development and feasibility assessments

  • Change Impact Assessment

  • Change Management interventions: Sponsor Roadmap, Communications Plan, Coaching and Training Plans and Resistance Management Plans

  • Cross functional implementation of interventions and initiatives

  • Complement with Change Management Coaching

  • Advisory and facilitation for Senior Leadership Team onboarding

  • Employee Engagement Survey design and implementation

  • Strengths-based Change Coaching for leadership team and people managers

  • Performance Management process redesign and executions

  • Training workshops curricula design and facilitations

Change Management Process

Each Change initiative has its own unique set of characteristics and outcomes to be delivered and we tailor our approach according to your vision, needs, goals and circumstances.  In general, our change management process will include: 

  • Clarifying on the change vision, goals, objectives and outcomes to understand the scope and what success looks like. 

  • Planning and preparation for change through an understanding of the nature and impact of change. 

  • Execution and actions to progress on the goals including communications, coaching and training.  As far as possible, we will adopt an agile approach to develop a minimum viable product/ solution/ approach that can be further iterated.

  • Iteration, test-and-learn and prototyping to understand what needs refinements and improvements and to pivot accordingly.

  • Tracking and monitoring of progress at key milestones.

  • Sustaining the change through reinforcement mechanisms.

This approach is designed for organisations that have: 

  • A clear vision and change outcomes that you want to achieve within a specific timeline.

  • A designated leader, sponsor and owner for the change initiative.

  • A team tasked to execute the change. Depending on the nature and size of the change, this would likely be a cross-functional team.

  • Some in-house project management expertise.

Coaching is a change intervention

Coaching unlocks potential and opens up possibilities

We believe that change is managed through people and Executive Coaching helps to support change outcomes through strengthening performance, productivity and effectiveness for people in change leadership roles.  

Executive and Leadership Coaching and Strengths-based Coaching can be offered as standalone services or in combination with other services to provide additional support throughout the lifecycle of the change initiative.   We will also use Strengths Profile, a research-based tool to identify your strengths and a model of development to improve performance and personal effectiveness.   

Interested to know how we can make a difference to your productivity, performance, potential and growth?  Find out more. 

Embark on your change & transformation journey

Contact us today for a no obligation 30 mins chat to discuss how we can be of help to you.    

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